Passion Projects


A brief look at my labors of love and creative pursuits.

Project #1: Creative Writing

About the Project: In my spare time, I enjoy the freedom and imagination involved with writing essays and short fiction. At some point in the future, I’d like to continue writing short stories via my author website.


  • Winner of Musepaper Essay Literary Award (“The One“)
  • Reader’s Choice Award at Didcot Writers (“Wanted“)
  • Very Short fiction published in Florida Writers Association¬†newsletter (“No Answer“).

Project #2:

About the Project: A dragon resource website with art and information on dragon culture and history.


  • Created in 1999, this was my first experience with SEO and web writing!
  • Highly ranked for search terms like “dragon travel photos,” “dragon poetry,” and “dragon anatomy.” (As of June 2020.)
  • Moving towards a monthly ezine format once some final transfers are completed from the old site.

You can view a more detailed case study here.