PROJECT 1: Content Writing

Writing Samples

  1. Interview with Matt Mullenweg of WordPress
  2. The Experience of a Journal Writing Group (International Association for Journal Writers)
  3. 10 Inexpensive Ways I Manage My Eczema (National Eczema Association)
  4. How Acne Made Me More Frugal (Budgets are Sexy)
  5. Tips for INFJ Entrepreneurs (Introvert, Dear)
  6. 7 Strategies on How to Hustle Better (Everyday Power Blog)
  7. Book Review on Beyond Suspicion (SG History — here is a case study on growing the blog to 1 million+ views)
  8. How to Stay Positive During a Job Search (Inner Life Goals)
  9. Rescue Cat Story (MeowMeowShirts)
  10. Crankbait Fishing Tips (PDF download; Trophy Technology)

Copyediting @ LiquidSpace

I provided blogging and social media support to a boutique PR agency handling content management for the coworking startup, LiquidSpace.

My blogging duties included selecting images, providing captions, and copyediting. I also contributed insightful interview questions to ask industry leaders.

Blog posts I worked on include:

Screenshot of blog posts.

PROJECT 2: Pitch Emails

I love writing pitch emails! I’ve gotten successful media mentions in websites like Forbes and NG Data from crafting a solid pitch.

PROJECT 3: Content Design

JCL: E-Blast Headers

I created email newsletter headers for Jewish Coalition for Literacy.

The organization had not updated their header in 5 years and was seeking a refreshed look. The new headers featured concise taglines to immediately connect the reader to the organization’s mission.


MVP: Success Stories

Merging Vets and Players (MVP) matches up veterans and former pro athletes together, to offer each a new team for support.

Following branding guidelines, I created two one-pagers for success stories to be added to their information packet. I did copyediting to highlight keywords and avoid walls of text in the pages.


BwC: Brochure Proposal + Infographic

This was a sample of a more modern look and layout for the Beginning with Children organization’s brochure.

An infographic was created to simplify information and improve clarity. A new section on “students’ achievements” was added in to focus on the organization’s successes.

First page of brochure.
Infographic (top right corner) was created to simplify complex information about the various schools in the network.

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